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We are Working Joe Travel

About Us - Meet Gypsy


Hello, there.  I'm Laura.


Randy and I live in the United States.  The first trip we took as a couple was with my family. One frigid January eve, seven us crammed into a pick-up with an unheated cap and drove 1000 miles to Florida. We slept in the cold. We fought. We froze. And, our love of vacation travel was born.


Randy and I still try to steal away whenever we can, and one thing has never changed. We still thrill at seeing new places and value the intimacy that comes from sharing new experiences.  When we are not on a trip, we are planning for one. It’s part of the fun. 


For many years, our work schedules dictated that our trips run in the 3-12 day range. Sometimes we would dream of quitting our jobs and traveling the world, but it was not an option for us. So, we modified the dream and created a pretty terrific life where we balanced our responsibilities with travel.

The biggest challenge we faced was trying to fit in all the fun we wanted to have with the relaxation we needed. There were so many interesting places to visit and exciting things to do. But we also needed down time.  

Over the years, Randy and I have learned that with the right planning, meaningful and relaxing travel in a short span can be accomplished.  ​Now, we are excited to share that knowledge with you.


If you also travel in blocks of 1-2 weeks at a time, read-on for ideas about vacation destinations, trip planning, and travel  itineraries.  Our articles are designed to inform you about how to have a quality vacation experience on limited time. We don't want you to dream about travel; we want you to live it! Journey on!


Hi there.  I'm Randy.

I started my working career delivering newspapers at the age of ten. Soon, I had two routes.  I delivered papers in the morning and afternoon seven days a week. I have always had a drive to work hard to succeed. It is my way of staying one step ahead.  

I grew up in a close family that never traveled. Until my teen years, I did not leave the state I grew up in. That all changed when I met Laura. My first vacation was a trip to Florida with her family. It wasn't fancy or well planned, but we had a great time and the experience left me wanting more.


As a married couple, Laura and I have worked hard to support our family. Along with that, we put a high premium on fun. Coming from working class backgrounds we knew how difficult life could be. We wanted to teach our kids that there is more to life than the daily grind. Vacationing together made us a stronger unit. 

Today, even though our children now travel with their own families, we still take trips together.  I believe this is because Laura and I made vacationing a priority in our lives. 


Looking back, some of our best moments as a family were when the four of us were off on an adventure.  I’m grateful that even when money was tight, we made it a point to get away.

School is important.  Work is important.  Staying on top of your bills is important.  But take it from a working joe, there is more to life than non-stop work.  It is also important to steal away every once in a while and let your need to wander lead the way.  

About Us - Meet Joe
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About This Site

Working Joe Travel - Travel for WORKING People

Content on this site including blog posts, articles, photographs and videos were created by Laura and Randy (unless otherwise credited).

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