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Ravello Italy One Day Itinerary

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Avenue of Immensity - Ravello, Italian Amalfi Coast | Ravello Italy one day itinerary
Avenue of Immensity - Ravello

The village of Ravello sparkles high above the Italian Amalfi Coast. Walkable and elegant, nearly every sight line takes in panoramas of terraced mountains, iridescent sky, and shimmering sea. Our Ravello, Italy one day itinerary with walking map will take you to the most breathtaking vistas and must-see attractions.

Villa Cimbrone Infinity Terrace | Ravello Itinerary | Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Blog
Villa Cimbrone Infinity Terrace

Take our Ravello walking tour to see the village from end to end. The route encompasses the Villa Cimbrone and its Infinity Terrace, Villa Rufolo, and the Duomo di Ravello. Along the way, you will pass lemon groves, grand old hotels, and spectacular scenic overlooks. Learn for yourself why the resort town of Ravello has been inspiring writers, musicians, and artists for generations.

Cloisters and Crypts at Villa Cimbrone. Ravello One Day Itinerary on the Italian Amalfi Coast.
Cloisters and Crypts

Ravello is one-third of the famed Amalfi Coast trio of towns: Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Of the three, it is the only non-port town. Sitting on a mountaintop high above Amalfi Town, Ravello’s remote location results in less crowding than the other towns. Highlights of the village can be seen in one day. This Ravello itinerary takes in all the art, architecture, and panoramas for which Ravello is celebrated.

Views from Piazza Vescovado | Ravello Walking Tour, Amalfi Coast Italy
Views from Piazza Vescovado
Ravello One Day Itinerary and Walking Tour At-A-Glance

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Pergolas and Gravel Paths | Things to do in Ravello | Amalfi Coast Italy
Pergolas and Gravel Paths


Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

Ravello Tourist Office: Piazza Fontana Moresca, 10 – 84010, Ravello. Hours (generally) 9am to 5pm.

How to Get to Ravello

Tourists usually arrive in Ravello by motor vehicle. A 4-mile (7km) road connects Ravello to the port town of Amalfi. The steep, heavily trafficked road is full of hairpin turns. Refer to our Ravello Guide for more detailed information about how to get to Ravello, and where to park.

Villa Cimbrone Gardens | Ravello guide and Ravello Walking Map
Villa Cimbrone Gardens
How to Get Around Ravello

Motorized traffic is limited in Ravello to certain hours of the day. Visitors park, or are dropped off, in lots on the outskirts of town. The village is largely pedestrianized and walking is the most common form of travel.

Ravello Accessibility and Terrain

There are less stairs in Ravello than in some other Amalfi Coast towns. However, the terrain is still up and down with cobblestones and uneven stairs. Accessibility for the mobility impaired outside of the central square would be challenging.

Organic Lemons | Ravello Walking Tour  and Ravello things to do
Organic Lemons
Facilities and Restrooms

The main gathering spot in Ravello is the central square, Piazza Vescovado. In the piazza, visitors will find food, drink, public restrooms, and the tunnel to the main parking lot (with bus drop-off and pick-up). The Tourist Office and “Alimentary” store selling bus tickets are a short distance away.

When to go to Ravello

The main tourist attractions are usually open from 9am until 5-8pm (varying seasonally). Admission to attractions can be purchased online or at the admission office on the day of visit. For a less crowded experience, visit attractions before noon. Try to visit on a sunny day as the views will be much more striking. Be aware that many attractions close in the winter months.

Terraced Vineyards on Ravello one day itinerary; Amalfi Coast, Italy
Terraced Vineyards


Our Ravello itinerary includes stops at the Piazza Vescovado, Duomo di Ravello, Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone Gardens & Infinity Terrace, and the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium. In addition, this Ravello walking tour will veer onto side streets to view Ravello’s neighborhood churches, fountains, shops, and eateries.

Rose Garden at Hotel Villa Cimbrone | Ravello free walking tour on the Amalfi Coast, Italy
Rose Garden at Hotel Villa Cimbrone


Google Map: Ravello Walking Map | Amalfi Coast Italy
Google Map: Ravello Walking Map


Our Ravello itinerary is arranged as a walking tour. The base length of the walk is 2-miles (3.2 km). This free tour can be completed in two ways:

  • Full 5-hour tour: Complete all stops as written below.

  • Shortened 3.25-hour tour: Eliminate lunch and shopping.

  • Note: All attraction entry fees referred to are for 2023 prices.

Pine Trees and Mountain Panoramas | Ravello Italy One Day Itinerary | Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Blog
Pine Trees and Mountain Panoramas
STOP 1: Piazza Vescovada and Duomo di Ravello

Plan to arrive in the main square, Piazza Vescovada, at 9 am. Pick up a map at the tourist information office on the edge of the square, and visit the restrooms. Then, head to the Duomo di Ravello. Buy tickets ($3 Euros per adult) and view the cathedral’s interior. Plan for about 20 minutes at this stop.

Dining Out in Piazza Vescovado | Ravello Walking Tour | Ravello Things to do
Dining Out in Piazza Vescovado

In the years since the cathedral was erected in the 11th century, the church has undergone many restorations. Today, the main architectural styles are a mix of Baroque and Romanesque. Its patron saint, Panteleone, is the patron saint of physicians and midwifes.

Nave in the Duomo di Ravello | Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Blog | Ravello itinerary
Nave in the Duomo di Ravello

Touring the church there are several points of interest not to miss.

  • Bronze Door: Constructed 1179. It is one of less than two dozen remaining in Italy.

  • Pulpit: Features six lions supporting marble columns.

  • Ambo of the Etistls (elevated desk): The ambo is decorated with two mosaics depicting scenes from Jonah and the Whale.

  • Chapel of Panteleone: Contains a silver bust of the saint, and what is reported to be a vial of his blood.

Lions on Duomo's Pulpit | Ravello Italy one day itinerary and walking map | Italian Amalfi Coast
Lions on Duomo's Pulpit

RAVELLO WALKING TOUR: Piazza Vescovado to Villa Cimbrone (10-minute walk)

After exiting Duomo di Ravello, find and follow Via Rufolo on the left. The road will take you past a series of ceramic studios and art shops, and then through a tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel, you will begin an upward climb on Via San Francisco.

Cobblestone Streets and Tunnels | Ravello Itinerary, Amalfi Coast Italy
Cobblestone Streets and Tunnels

As you walk, enjoy the views of Hotel Rufolo and the towers of Villa Rufolo. On the way, you will pass two churches, the Chiesa San Francisco and Church of Santo Chiara. If the doors to either of these buildings is open, stop in. Soon, the road will bear to the right and you will veer onto Via S. Chiara. Follow the road past hotels, restaurants, and gardens until you reach the Villa Cimbrone.

Views of Villa Rufolo on Ravello Walking Tour. Amalfi Coast, Italy
Views of Villa Rufolo
STOP 2: Villa Cimbrone Gardens and the Infinity Terrace

There is a $7 Euro entry fee for admission to the Villa Cimbrone Gardens. After entering, pick up a map and begin your tour. Begin across from the entry in the cloister and crypt area.

Next, move on to the Avenue of Immensity. This long pergola-covered lane leads to the famous Belvedere. As you trek along the walkway veer off to discover a series of flower and shrub gardens decorated with statues, ceramic jars, rare trees, and geometric flowerbeds.

Hortensia Avenue in Villa Cimbrone. Ravello Italy one day itinerary on the Amalfi Coast, Italy.
Hortensia Avenue

At the end of the Avenue of Immensity, walk through the Temple of Ceres onto the Belvedere (formally known as the Infinity Terrace). Along the magnificent balcony a series of Romanesque busts stand guard over spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast. Plan for about 90-minutes to tour.

Villa Cimbrone Vistas on the Infinity Terrace. Ravello things to do on the Amalfi Coast Italy.
Villa Cimbrone Vistas

RAVELLO WALKING TOUR: Next, retrace your route from the Villa Cimbrone Gardens to Piazza Vescovado. Along the route, stop at Villa Maria’s Restaurant for lunch (60 minutes).

STOP 3: Villa Rufolo

The entrance to Villa Rufolo is on Piazza Vescovado. Walk through a 13th century tower to the admission booth ($7 Euro entry fee). Begin the tour by passing a column of arches known as the Moorish Cloister, and then the Torre Maggiore Tower (museum tower closed at this time). After the tower, there are a series of terraced gardens where many events held by the famed Ravello Festival are conducted. While touring the gardens, make sure to find the twin towers of the Church of the Annunziata (for an unforgettable view). Plan for a 30-minute visit.

Moorish Tower - Villa Rufolo on the Ravello Italy one day itinerary. Italian Amalfi Coast.
Moorish Tower - Villa Rufolo
STOP 4: Shops of the Piazza Vescovado and Surrounding Streets

Once exiting the Villa Rufolo, take some time to explore the shops and galleries on the streets surrounding the main square. You will find patisseries, butcher shops, ceramic studios, art galleries, textile stores, and much more. Ravello is a great area to shop for gifts for home. Plan for 45-minutes to shop.

Shopping for Ceramics. Ravello Itinerary. Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Blog
Shopping for Ceramics
STOP 5: Piazza Vescovado to Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium

If you are a lover a music, take a short 4-minute walk from the piazza to the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium (Via Giovanni Boccaccio and Via dell Repubblica). Ravello is known as the ‘city of music’ and the auditorium is the site of many Ravello Festival concerts and cultural events. Note: Auditorium guided tours are by reservation only. After viewing the auditorium, return to Piazza Vescovado. Plan for 15-minutes for this portion of the walk.

Duomo di Ravello on Piazza Vescovado. Ravello Things to do. Amalfi Coast, Italy.
Duomo di Ravello on Piazza Vescovado

RAVELLO WALKING TOUR: Piazza Vescovado to Piazza Fontana Moresca

The last leg of our Ravello free walking tour will be a jaunt through some historic streets lined with grand old hotels and residential houses. From the piazza, locate Via Richard Wagner. After reaching the top of a hill, veer left onto Via San Giovanni del Toro.

As you trek along this road you will pass a series of old palaces that have been reinvented as luxury hotels. Many of these properties offer 5-star service, dining, and views of the Mediterranean. This stretch is a favorite of royalty and celebrities. Look for Villa Fraulo, Hotel Polumbo, Hotel Palazzo Sasso, and the Hotel Caruso Belvedere.

Palazzos and Piazzas. Ravello Italy one day itinerary on the Amalfi Coast Italy
Palazzos and Piazzas

Just past the hotels, identify the San Giovanni del Toro church. The 11th century church is well-known for its pulpit with scenes from Jonah and the Whale. To the left, and downhill from the church you will find the Piazza Fontana Moresca. The piazza has a park with a Moorish fountain that portrays a bull and winged lion.

After resting in the park, take Viale Parco Rimenbranza and Via Della Marra for the walk back to the main square. Along the route you will pass scenic overlooks, citrus gardens, and homes. Plan for about 30-minutes for this portion of the walk.

Scenic Overlooks & Citrus Gardens on a Ravello Walking Tour on the Amalfi Coast Italy.
Scenic Overlooks & Citrus Gardens

Ciao from the City of Music, Laura and Randy

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Randy and Laura enjoy the Infinity Plaza | Ravello Italy one day itinerary | Italian Amalfi Coast
Randy and Laura enjoy the Infinity Plaza


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