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Dingle Pub Crawl: Pubs in Dingle Ireland

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Dick Mack's Pub and Brewery is a pub in Dingle Ireland, County Kerry Ireland Travel.
Dick Mack's Pub and Brewery

In Dingle Ireland there seems to be a rollicking pub on every block. In fact, the village is sometimes called "The world's greatest pub town." Colorful, homey, and historic; these gathering spaces are more than places to enjoy a pint. The pubs in Dingle Ireland are part of the fabric of the town, preserving its language and culture through traditional music and food. Follow our pub crawl of the pubs in Dingle Ireland for an unforgettable County Kerry evening.

The Dingle Pub on Main Street is one of the best pubs in dingle Ireland. Ireland Travel Blog.
The Dingle Pub

Around three dozen pubs call Dingle Town home. There are brewhouses, whiskey bars, pubs that serve food, and pubs that don’t. Our Dingle pub crawl will visit different types of establishments to give you a sampling of some of the finest Dingle pubs. The route is designed to be completed in one night walking from pub to pub.


The evening begins with a meal and Irish dance at The Dingle Pub. Then, move on for an after-dinner drink at the Foxy John’s. Next, spend time in the beer garden at Dick Mack’s, before ending the evening at John Benny’s Pub. All the while, be regaled by local musicians taking part in the pubs’ trad music sessions.

Dingle Harbor in Dingle Town. County Kerry Ireland.
Dingle Harbor

A good old fashion pub crawl is one of the most relaxing and fun things to do in Dingle Ireland. Don’t go home without experiencing this unique cultural happening. If you would prefer the convenience of a tour to navigating on your own, try one of these tours:

Dingle Ireland Pub Crawl At A Glance | Things to do in Dingle Ireland
Paddy Bawn Brosnan's Pub on Dingle Ireland Pub Crawl. Things to do in Dingle.
Paddy Bawn Brosnan's Pub


Dingle is located on the western shore of County Kerry Ireland. It is the largest town on the Dingle Peninsula which is home to the magnificent Slea Head Drive on the Wild Atlantic Way. Dingle is a fishing and farming community that also serves as a tourist-base for exploring the peninsula. The easiest way to explore Dingle is by car, click here ot learn more about renting a car.

While you are on the peninsula check out these amazing things to do in Dingle:



The pubs in Dingle Ireland are frequently in buildings that were once homes or old general stores. Made up of a series of attached rooms, the pubs are often centuries old and passed down from family to family. Part of the charm of these alehouses is discovering the flagstone floors, fire places, oddly-shaped booths, and timber ceilings that adorn them.

To stay for a night in an historic Dingle pub, look at these accommodations:

Nelligans & An Droichead Beag are pubs in Dingle Ireland. Pub crawl things to do in Dingle.
Nelligans & An Droichead Beag

In Ireland, pubs tend to be spaces where folks come together to visit, share a meal, and enjoy free wifi. Children will often be in tow, and most pubs have children’s menus. Sit at the bar to mix with the other patrons; locals are usually happy to engage. To enjoy a quieter meal, chose a table. Tipping is different than in the US. Tip by rounding up to the nearest Euro (or if the service is exceptional).


Music is a huge part of the Irish pub culture. You are apt to encounter acoustic musicians playing at any time of the day. Traditional “trad” music sessions usually begin around 8:30-9:00pm and go well into the evening. There is generally no cover charge or charge for the “session.” You will be surprised at the variety of instrumentation and quality of sound you come upon.

Dingle Countryside on the Dingle Peninsula. County Kerry Ireland.
Dingle Countryside


Activity: Self-guided free Dingle Ireland Pub Crawl

Location: Dingle Town in County Kerry, Ireland.

Walk Length: The walk is .4 miles or 650 meters in length.

Duration: Without stopping this walk would take about 9-minutes. Stopping to eat, drink, and listen to music, plan for an entire evening.

Parking: Parking at the Spa Road Car Park is .50 Euro per hour, and a 1-minute walk to the Dingle Pub.



Dingle Ireland Pub Crawl Map | Pubs in Dingle Ireland, County Kerry
Dingle Ireland Pub Crawl Map




Address: Main Street, Grove, Dingle Ireland

The Dingle Pub is the perfect place to begin our pub crawl. Run by the same family since 1975, the pub’s iconic green and white façade is cheery and welcoming. As part of a B&B, the pub serves three meals a day. However, it really comes alive in the later in the day. A bit bigger than some of the other pubs in town, The Dingle Pub often hosts trad music sessions, Irish dancers, and other forms of entertainment. There is a pool table, large menu, and outdoor seating. Have dinner here. When you need to stretch, move on down the road to Foxy John’s.

Main Street and the Dingle Pub. Pubs in Dingle Ireland, County Kerry
Main Street and the Dingle Pub


Address: Main Street, Dingle Ireland

Foxy John’s Pub is smaller than The Dingle Pub. The intimate setting is just right for an after-dinner drink. Of all the Dingle Ireland pubs, Foxy John’s might be the most unique. At one end of the counter is a proper bar set-up; at the other end is a working hardware store. By day, Foxy John’s also rents bikes. Grab a stool at the bar, peruse the prices of the tools lining the shelves, and listen to a few Irish ballads before moving on to your next stop.

Foxy John's Bar. Dingle Ireland pub crawl and things to do in Dingle.
Foxy John's Bar


Address: 47 Green Street, Dingle Ireland

A short trek from Foxy John’s is the sprawling Dick Mack’s. The family-owned pub is one of the oldest in Dingle. Operating as an alehouse since 1899, the pub offers a wide selection of whiskeys. There is also a craft beer brewery and tap house onsite.

Landscape of the Dingle Peninsula. Ireland Travel Blog.
Landscape of the Dingle Peninsula

If you like craft beer do a brewery sampling tour. Then, peruse the pictures on the bar’s walk of fame and shop for leather goods at the family’s leather store. There is a full menu, but at this point in the evening we suggest you try some local Guinness or an Irish whiskey. If the weather is warm, head for the beer garden. Outside there are picnic tables, strung lights, food trucks, and robust conversation. On cool nights, find a seat by the fire. Stay for a few hours, and soak in the upbeat atmosphere.

Heading to Dick Mack's Beer Garden. Dingle Pubs and things to do in Dingle Ireland, County Kerry
Heading to Dick Mack's Beer Garden


Address: Strand Street, Farrannakilla, Dingle Ireland

To finish the pub crawl, head to John Benny’s Pub by the waterfront. There has been an alehouse at this location since 1894. The pub was renamed as John Benny’s in 2002, when a local boy and his wife purchased the property. John Benny’s is known for its fresh seafood offerings, radical trad music sessions, and dancing in the long open tavern. Drink, dance, and socialize. When you need some air step outside and breathe in some of fresh Dingle Bay air.

John Benny's Pub by Dingle Harbor. Pubs in Dingle Ireland, County Kerry
John Benny's Pub

May you sail a gentle sea home tonight, Laura and Randy

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James Long Gastro Pub. Dingle Ireland Pubs and things to do in Dingle. Ireland Travel Blog.
James Long Gastro Pub


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