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Falmouth UK: Falmouth Harbour Walk

View of Falmouth Harbour on Falmouth Harbor Walking Tour | Cornwall UK
Falmouth Harbour

Our Falmouth Harbour walk takes in the best streets for shopping, nibbling, tippling, and sightseeing in Falmouth England. Bigger than a village, but not at all city-like, Falmouth is a charming port town on the Cornish coast. Use our Falmouth UK: Falmouth Harbour walk to plan your day.

Harbour Lights Fish & Chips | Falmouth Harbour walk in Falmouth England
Harbour Lights Fish & Chips

In Falmouth UK, visitors will find a maritime culture and the bohemian vibe of a college town. There are sea shanty pubs, marinas filled with yachts, and funky shops of every sort waiting to be discovered. Walking is the very best way to get to know Falmouth's deep water harbour and charming waterfront area.

Shopping on Church Street | Falmouth Harbour Walking Tour, Cornwall England
Shopping on Church Street

We recommend completing our Falmouth UK walk between the hours of 10am and 7pm when most of the shops and galleries are open. The trek begins at Discovery Quay (wharf) at the edge of town. The route takes in the North Quay, Custom House Quay, Kimberley Hill, and many of Falmouth’s winding cobblestone lanes before looping back to Discovery Quay.

Falmouth Harbour | Self-Guided Falmouth Harbour Walking Tour, Cornwall  England, UK Travel
Falmouth Harbour
Falmouth Harbour Walk At A Glance | Cornwall UK

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Where is Falmouth England

Falmouth is a port town in southwest Britain. It is located in Cornwall County in the United Kingdom.

Hair Garlands for Sale on a Falmouth Harbour Walk in Falmouth England | UK Travel
Hair Garlands for Sale

What is Falmouth England Famous For

Falmouth England is famous for its maritime culture and connection to the sea. Falmouth has the deepest natural harbor in Europe (the third deepest in the world). It is the location of the International Sea Shanty Contest held in the spring each year. It is also home to Falmouth University, the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, and Pendennis Castle.

Sea Shanty Singers in Sea Shanty Festival, Falmouth UK, Travel Blog
Sea Shanty Singers

Best Time to Visit Falmouth England

Falmouth UK weather is influenced by its maritime climate. Wind, rain, and fog are experienced throughout the year. The average temperature is 53’ Fahrenheit. Falmouth is a university town and most businesses remain open throughout the year including the winter months when it is rainiest and coldest (Nov - March).

Tug Boats in the Deep Water Harbor | Falmouth Harbour Walk | Cornwall England, UK Travel
Tug Boats in the Deep Water Harbor

In the summer months the weather is the most pleasant with sunny, warm days (June, July, and August). However, this is peak tourist season and the crowds are heaviest. The best time to visit is In the spring and autumn when the weather is right for outdoor activities, flowers and foliage are in bloom, and crowds are manageable (April, May, September, and October).

Falmouth UK Map - Self-Guided Walking Tour

Google Map: Walking Tour - Falmouth UK Map | Falmouth Cornwall Travel Blog Article
Google Map: Walking Tour - Falmouth UK Map


Distance: 2.4 miles (3.86km), Time: Plan for about 1-2 hours with stops.

Our Falmouth Harbour map and self-guided walking tour takes you through some the port town’s most atmospheric streets. Keep in mind this is a centuries-old community. Part of the fun is straying off the route to investigate the narrow lanes, roundabouts, and docks where many of the fishmongers, bakeries, butcheries, book stalls, and vintage shops are located. Do not be afraid to wander.

National Maritime Museum Cornwall | Self-Guided Falmouth Harbour Walk, Cornwall UK
National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Begin your walk on Discovery Quay by the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. If you have a car, you can park it in the Maritime Car Park. From Discovery Quay walk through the Events Square where festivals are often held, and check out the Pendennis Marina.

Anchors on the Quay | Falmouth Harbour Walking Tour, Cornwall England, UK Travel
Anchors on the Quay

From here, make your way to Church Street. For the next .5 miles follow Church Street to the Prince of Wales Pier and the St. Mawes Ferry. Along the trek, veer off Church Street to meander the many shops, boardwalks, docks, and piers that border Falmouth Harbour. Along this section of the walk look for the North Quay and Custom House Quay. If you are thirsty, pause at one of the many taverns along the harbor.

Falmouth UK from the Harbor | Falmouth UK Walk, Cornwall England
Falmouth-Town from the Harbor

When you reach the Prince of Wales Pier, walk to the end of the wharf for great views of Falmouth. See the neat rows of houses stretching from the harbor up into the hills of town.

Before leaving the area, make a stop at Beerwolf Books (3 Bells Center). At this laidback bookstore you can grab a pint of ale or glass of wine. Next, stop by the Falmouth Art Gallery (The Moor). The gallery sits on the upper floor of a library and features works from Victorian masters from the Cornwall area. If it is a Tuesday, wander the Falmouth Farmers Market (The Moor), and pick up a few snacks.

Cornish Row Houses | Falmouth UK Walk, Cornwall Travel
Cornish Row Houses

From The Moor, find Berkeley Vale Road and follow it to Kimberley Hill Road. After about a mile, you will come to Kimberley Park. Wander the 7-acre site and discover its wooded paths, gardens, pond, and play structures. Notice the residential houses lining the park, and observe the locals going about their lives. Rest for a bit, and enjoy your snacks.

Leave the park by Kimberley Park Road. Take a 5-minute walk to Kimberley Place where you will find the lovely St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church. If the church is open, stop in for a look at this neighborhood place of worship.

Church of King Charles | Falmouth Harbour Walk | Cornwall Travel
Church of King Charles

Travel on another .6 miles to find a second Falmouth congregation. Take Killigrew Street, to Market Street, to Church Street, and arrive at the Church of King Charles the Martyr. This Church of England parish sits in the heart of Falmouth UK. Dating back to 1665, the church remains active and the location of many community events.

Food Truck on Falmouth UK Waterfront | Cornwall England, UK Travel
Food Truck on Falmouth Waterfront

The last .5 miles of the walk goes from Arwenack Street to Bank Place to Cambeltown Way to Discovery Quay (our starting point). This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in town. Along this stretch, look for vintage clothing, vinyl record, and antique shops to peruse. Also, search out a bakery or café with Cornish pasties (meat and potato pies), homemade scones, or freshly caught fish on the menu.

If you have time left in your day, consider visiting the National Maritime Museum Cornwall or the National Trust’s Pendennis Castle. Both are recommended.

Launching the Royal Navy Osprey | Falmouth Harbour Walk, Cornwall UK
Launching the Royal Navy Osprey

Yeghes da! (That’s Cheers! in Cornish.) Laura and Randy

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HMS Forte IV Monument as seen from a Falmouth UK walk in Cornwall England, UK Travel
HMS Forte IV Monument

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