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Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

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Amalfi Coast Italy | Amalfi Coast Travel Guide
Amalfi Coast Italy

The Amalfi Coast stretches between the towns of Sorrento and Salerno in the Campania region of southern Italy. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and Lattari Mountains, the luxe travel destination is accessed by boat or the Amalfi Coast Drive. For centuries, visitors have been drawn to the area’s beaches, sparkling seas, dramatic cliffs, and glamorous resorts.

Our Amalfi Coast Travel Guide will familiarize you with when to go, how to get around, where to stay, and the best Amalfi Coast things to do. Here is a sampling of popular day trips and attractions:

Amalfi Town Cliffs | How to get to the Amalfi Coast Italy
Amalfi Town Cliffs
Amalfi Coast Travel Guide At A Glance

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Path of the Gods Farm Stand | Amalfi Coast Things to do, Italy
Path of the Gods Farm Stand


The Campania region of southern Italy is located just below Naples. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the area is serviced by one major highway. The Amalfi Coast Drive (SS 163) begins in Sorrento and runs 37 miles (60kms) to the town of Vietri sul Mare. The entire highway has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its exceptional cultural and natural scenic value.

Fisherman Repairing the Nets | Amalfi Coast Guide, Italy
Fisherman Repairing the Nets


There are 13 Amalfi Coast towns. Nine of the communities are port towns: Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca de’Marini, Maiori, Monori, Positano, Praiano, and Vietri sul Mare. Four of the towns are located in the hills above the Mediterranean Sea: Furore, Ravello, Scala, and Tramonti.



Google Maps: Amalfi Coast Towns, Italy
Google Maps: Amalfi Coast Towns


With no airport or direct train service, the two main ways to travel to the Amalfi Coast are by Amalfi Coast Drive or the sea.


The stunning Amalfi Coast Drive (SS 163) winds across the Lattari Mountains high above the Mediterranean Sea. As the primary road running through the region, Amalfi Drive experiences frequent traffic jams. With heavy, high speed traffic some visitors find this bucket-list drive to be more harrowing, than thrilling. Pro Tip: Begin the drive at the Sorrento end of the roadway for better views of the sea.

Positano in the Afternoon Sun | Amalfi Coast Travel Guide, Mediterranean Sea
Positano in the Afternoon Sun

Some Amalfi Coast towns have well-developed ports with ferry and charter boat companies onsite. For much of the year there is regular ferry service between Naples, Sorrento, and Salerno to the Amalfi Coast towns of Positano, Amalfi, Cetara, Maiori, Monori, and Vietri sul Mare. Ferry service shuts down in the winter months..

Path of the Gods Hike | Amalfi Coast Things To Do, Mediterranean Sea
Path of the Gods Hike

Whatever way you choose to travel to the Amalfi Coast Italy, make sure to consider how you will transport your luggage to your accommodation. Many hotels are on pedestrianized walkways and require navigating stairs from the drop-off point. Always inquire if you your hotel or car service provides porter service.

Sundresses for Sale | Amalfi Coast Travel Guide, Italy
Sundresses for Sale

Essential transportation information:



The nearest airport is in Naples. Then, use train, bus, private driver, rental car, and ferry options to reach your Amalfi Coast town. Click here to check out flight prices and schedules.


There is daily train service to Sorrento and Salerno. Then, utilize bus, private driver, rental car, and ferry options to reach your Amalfi Coast town. Click here to check out train schedules and costs.

Sita Bus

There is daily Sita bus service from Sorrento and Salerno. Fares are inexpensive, but the buses make frequent stops. In high season, you may need to wait for an empty seat. Buses are often late due to traffic jams. It can also be challenging to locate the small shops that sell tickets (which cannot be purchased onboard).

Amalfi Coast from the Sea | Lattari Mountains | Where to Stay on the Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast from the Sea


There is daily ferry service from Sorrento and Salerno to many Amalfi Coast towns between April and October. Schedules are impacted by the weather. Click here to check out ferry schedules and costs.

Private Transfer/Taxi Service

Private transfer services will transport door to door (bus, van, private car, and taxi) from Rome, Naples, Sorrento, or Salerno. Click here to investigate Amalfi Coast airport and hotel transfers.

Rental Car

Not recommended from May to October. In these months the curvy SS 163 is jammed with traffic. Also, in 2023, an alternating license plate system for rental was initiated that limits the days rental cars can travel the roadway. Click here for rental car prices and options.

Amalfi Coast Beach Art | Amalfi Coast Guide | Best Time to Visit the Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast Beach Art


Once you arrive at your base destination, walking will be the best way to get around. Be aware that many Amalfi Coast towns are built into hillsides and navigating steep staircases is necessary to move about. When traveling from town to town, utilize the transportation options outlined above.

Positano Dining | Amalfi Coast Travel Guide, Italy
Positano Dining


Positano or Amalfi Town

The Amalfi Coast receives some 5 million visitors a year. Positano and Amalfi Town are the region’s most visited towns. Though these villages tend to be the most crowded (and expensive), we recommend booking a hotel in these locales as they are both transportation hubs with a wide variety of hotels and restaurants. (Note: Of the two, pretty Positano is our top pick.)


Villa Cimbrone Gardens, Ravello Italy | Amalfi Coast Things To Do
Villa Cimbrone Gardens, Ravello

Ravello and Other Towns

Of all the towns on the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is our favorite. There are many Ravello Hotels to choose from, but its mountaintop location makes travel to other locations time consuming and expensive. For a quieter, less expensive travel, consider the villages of Praiano, Atrani, Maoria, and Minori which are close to Amalfi and Positano – but away from the both village’s higher prices and frenetic pace.


Positano Spiaggia Grande | Amalfi Coast Travel Guide, Italy
Positano Spiaggia Grande



Temperatures usually hover between 73-86’ F. Summers are hot and dry with long sunny days and little rain. July and August are the hottest month (and the most crowded).


Temperatures usually hover between 65-56’F. Most of the region’s rain falls between November and February. The windiest month is December. Snow is rare.


Amalfi Coast Drive | UNESCO World Heritage Site | Amalfi Coast Italy
Amalfi Coast Drive


In our view, the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast Italy is May, June, September, and October. During this time of year, the foliage is in full bloom. All businesses and transportation options are open, and reservations are easier to obtain than in the peak summer months.

Interior: Amalfi Cathedral | Amalf Coast Things to Do | Mediterranean Sea
Interior: Amalfi Cathedral

Try to avoid the months of July and August. During these months extreme heat, traffic, and crowds can distract from the overall beach-vibe.


In the winter months the landscapes remain gorgeous (though not as vibrant), and most outdoor activities can still be completed (there are more rough seas and rainy days). The uncrowded vistas are off-set by the many closed-for-the-season businesses.

Amalfi Town Ferry Port | Amalfi Coast Guide, Italy
Amalfi Town Ferry Port


  1. Explore the legendary beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Try Sipaggio Grande in Positano, Santa Croce in Amalfi, Gavitella Beach in Praiano, or Spiaggia di Maiori in Maiori.

  2. Discover the mountaintop village of Ravello. See Villa Rufolo and the Villa Cimbrone’s amazing Infinity Terrace.

  3. Shop for locally made Amalfi Coast products including Limoncello, hand-crafted leather goods, colorful ceramics, and wine.

  4. Visit the ‘big three’ churches of the Amalfi Coast; Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in Positano, Amalfi Cathedral, and The Duomo in Ravello.

  5. Hike the cliffside Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) and explore to villages of Bomerano and Nocelle.

  6. Wander Amalfi Town with its vibrant waterfront and maritime historical sites.

  7. Take a day trip to the Island of Capri and see the famous Blue Grotto cavern.

  8. Drive the breathtaking Amalfi Coast Drive (SS 163) from Sorrento to Salerno.

  9. Embark a day trip to Pompeii, Hurculaneum, and Mt. Vesuvius.

  10. Stroll the streets of Positano at night when the lights glow and the pace slows. Enjoy a dinner with amazing views (try Il Capitano or Il Tridente). Then, dance the night away.

  11. Take a boat ride of the Amalfi Coast. Include a stop to see the Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Cave).

  12. Enjoy a spa day at one of the Amalfi Coast 5-Star resorts.

Amalfi Coast Fruit Stand | Amalfi Coast Travel Guide, Italy
Amalfi Coast Fruit Stand

Auguri dal sud Italia (Good bye from southern Italy), Laura and Randy

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Motorbikes on the Avenue | Amalfi Coast Drive, Italy
Motorbikes on the Avenue


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