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Villa Cimbrone Gardens

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Views from the Infinity Terrace | Villa Cimbrone Gardens Walking Route and Guide | Amalfi Coast Italy
Views from the Infinity Terrace

The Villa Cimbrone gardens grow on a rocky cliff at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. High above the dramatic twists of the Amalfi Coast, the grounds of the estate are filled with fanciful fountains, exotic plants, and breathtaking views. These gorgeous landscapes make visiting the hotel one of the best things to do in Ravello, Italy. Our Villa Cimbrone Gardens walking route and guide hits all of the location’s highlights.

Tea Room at Villa Cimbrone | Amalfi Coast Travel Blog | Villa Cimbrone Guide
Tea Room

A highpoint of any trip to the Villa Cimbrone Gardens is a visit to the Infinity Terrace. Lined with Romanesque marble statues, the terrace juts off into space at the top of a rocky promenade. The intersection of the white busts against the blue of the surf and the sky is unforgettable.

Hotel Villa Cimbrone Restaurant | Villa Cimbrone Walking Route and Guide
Hotel Villa Cimbrone

The Hotel Villa Cimbrone is a private 5-star luxury hotel, but the adjacent Villa Cimbrone Gardens are open for public touring. The gardens are well-known for their elegant English and Italian landscape elements. Many consider the gardens one of the best places to visit on the Amalfi Coast.

Angel Fountain | Villa Cimbrone Garden | Amalfi Coast Italy
Villa Cimbrone Gardens At A Glance, Ravello Italy

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This Way to Villa Cimbrone | Best place to visit on the Amalfi Coast Italy
This Way to Villa Cimbrone


Villa Cimbrone Gardens Hours

In 2023, the Villa Cimbrone gardens are open from 9 am until 8 pm, with a last entry at 7:30 pm. The gardens closes early on some days due to weather or special events. Contact the property before visiting (+39 089 857459).

Villa Cimbrone Entrance Fee

As of this writing, there is a $7 Euro entry fee per adult.

Villa Cimbrone Restaurant, Restrooms, and Shop

Located across from the Admission and Ticket Office.

How to Get to Villa Cimbrone Gardens

Villa Cimbrone is in Ravello, Italy. Ravello is a mostly pedestrianized village with parking areas outside of the main piazza. The gardens are about a 10-minute walk from the main piazza. Follow the signs along Via San Francisco to Via S. Chiara.

How Much Time to Spend at Villa Cimbrone Gardens

Plan to spend 45-90 minutes touring the gardens depending on your love of gardening and photography as well as the weather, heat, and crowds.

When to Visit Villa Cimbrone

The gardens are best visited on a day with at least partial sun. On a sunny day, the landscapes and statues pop against the horizon. Cloudy and/or rainy weather will not show this location to its best vantage.

Best Photo Spots at Villa Cimbrone

The Terrace of Infinity (#1!), Temple of Bacchus, Mercury’s Seat, and Eve’s Grotto.

Villa Cimbrone Entrance | Villa Cimbrone Things to know before you go | Ravello Italy
Villa Cimbrone Entrance


The origins of the Villa Cimbrone estate date back to Roman times when a wealthy landowner established a “cimbronium” (enormous estate) on the property. Throughout the centuries the property was valued for its strategic position and fertile farmland.

Terra Cotta Jar | Villa Cimbrone Gardens | Amalfi Coast Travel Blog
Terra Cotta Jar

By the end of the 19th century the estate had fallen into disrepair. At that time, it was purchased by an English Lord, Grimthorpe, who fell in love with the location and endeavored to turn it into a work of art. With the help of Italian and English architects and landscape artists, Grimthorpe reinvented the property as a modern-day Roman villa.

Statue in the Daffodils | Villa Cimbrone Gardens | Things to do in Ravello Italy
Statue in the Daffodils


There is no one walking route to tour the Villa Cimbrone gardens. The 6-hectare parklands are crisscrossed with paths and hidden spaces to explore. There are benches and overlooks that call out for rest and contemplation. If you are a photographer go early or late to capture the best light, and plan for a longer visit. The seasonal vegetation in bloom will also influence which trails visitors follow.

Our Villa Cimbrone walking route loops the property and takes in the major highlights as follows:

Stone Bridge to Scenic Overlook | Villa Cimbrone Gardens | Amalfi Coast Italy
Stone Bridge to Scenic Overlook
The Cloister

Begin your walk across from the ticket booth. The Cloister (Monastery) is an Arabian – Sicilian – Norman styled courtyard. In this space look for two boar heads that honor Lord Grimthorpe’s family crest. The area is filled with religious and secular decorative works.

The Crypt

The Crypt is an open gallery of Gothic-style arches that was used as a meeting space. Lord Grimthorpe modeled the gallery after Fountain Abbey in his ancestral home of Yorkshire, England.

Ancient Well in Courtyard | Villa Cimbrone } Best place to visit on the Amalfi Coast
Ancient Well in Courtyard
The Avenue of Immensity

The Avenue of Immensity is one of the main walkways in the garden. Portions of the tree-lined lane are covered in a pergola of vines and flowers. As you trek along the avenue, you will pass a series of small gardens waiting to be discovered. There are local and exotic species of plants, ancient terra cotta vases, bronze statues, and classical fountains to be found.

Avenue of Immensity | Villa Cimbrone Gardens Walking Route | Things to do in Ravello
Avenue of Immensity
The Statue of Ceres

At the end of the Avenue of Immensity is the Temple of Ceres. Ceres was known as the goddess of the Harvest. As you approach Ceres’ Temple, anticipation builds as the horizon comes into view. On the other side of Ceres is the Infinity Terrace (earning her temple the nickname of “the doorway to the sun”).

Temple of Ceres | Villa Cimbrone Infinity Terrace | Amalfi Coast Travel Blog
Temple of Ceres
The Terrace of Infinity

The Infinity Terrace is a long belvedere (balcony) built at the edge of the property. Overlooking the Amalfi Coast, the cliffside terrace is lined with stone columns and Romanesque busts. The view from the belvedere encompasses the villages of Atrani, Amalfi, distant mountains, and the Mediterranean Sea. On a clear day when the blue of the atmosphere blends into the ocean there is a majestic, other-worldly skyline.

The terrace has become a popular spot for influencers and Instagramers. Be prepared to wait your turn for a photograph. But, do not skip this spot. It is magnificent.

Villa Cimbrone Infinity Terrace | Things to do in Ravello | Amalfi Coast Italy
Villa Cimbrone Infinity Terrace
Mercury’s Seat

Descending a set of steps at the end of the Infinity Terrace is a statue of Mercury. The winged messenger of the gods sits deep in thought. A nearby inscription contains a thoughtful quote from the Roman Poet, Catullus.

Ornamental Gazebo | Villa Cimbrone Gardens walking route | Amalfi Coast Travel Blog
Ornamental Gazebo
The Temple of Bacchus

Continue down the set of steps. A short distance from the Mercury’s Seat is another lovely panoramic. The Temple of Bacchus protects a bronze statue of Satyr supporting Bacchus. Set among lavender bushes, Lord Grimthorpe chose this spot to place his ashes.

Eve’s Grotto

Further along the path, shielded by oak, alder, and chestnut trees, is Eve’s Grotto. Approaching the grotto, a white marble statue of Eve appears in a natural cave. The sculptor, Adamo Tadolini, has been lauded for capturing Eve’s unease at her nakedness.

Statue of David | Villa Cimbrone Gardens Walk Route | Things to do in Ravello Italy
Statue of David
The Statue of David

Next, follow the path to a set of steep steps. At the top, turn left and walk through a rock garden. Among the area’s cactus and other exotic plants, look for the Statue of David. The bronze figure is a reproduction of Donatello’s original (housed at the Bargello Museum in Florence).

The Rose Terrace

Leaving some of the garden’s wild spaces behind, walk up a covered stairway of blue wisteria to a series of planned gardens. From May to October, beds of roses bloom in the geometric squares. In this area, look for a sun dial and four ornamental statues.

Villa Cimbrone Rose Garden | Villa Cimbrone Guide, Ravello Italy
Villa Cimbrone Rose Garden
The Tea Room

At the end of the geometric gardens, find the Tea Room. This open pavilion was designed as a gathering space. The Tea Room is adorned with decorative figures including two bronze deer and a stone seashell with sea monsters.

Hortensia Avenue

A short distance from the Tea Room is Hortensia Avenue. The lane is lined with columns and topped by a pergola covered in flowering bushes. The striking avenue is said to be reminiscent of landscaping surrounding the Medici villas.

Hortensia Avenue | Villa Cimbrone Walking Route | Things to do in Ravello Italy
Hortensia Avenue

May the sun shine and the flowers be in bloom for your visit to the Villa Cimbrone, Laura and Randy

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Villa Cimbrone Garden Landscape | Villa Cimbrone Walking Route, Ravello Italy
Villa Cimbrone Garden Landscape


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