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Things To Do in Positano Italy

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Positano Spiaggia Grande | Amalfi Coast italy
Positano Spiaggia (Beach)

Positano Italy sits nestled in the hills of the stunning Amalfi Coast. Clinging to the mountains above the Mediterranean Sea, the village’s colorful houses balance above luxury yachts bobbing in the harbor. The Italian villas stacked above the turquoise water exude glamor, but Positano is a beach town at heart. Our article on things to do in Positano Italy will help you get to know this glittering seaside hideaway.


Chez Black Positano | Things to do in Positano Italy
Chez Black Positano

Positano is the perfect locale to rest and relax. The town’s narrow lanes are packed with boutiques, restaurants, bars, and spas. It is also a transportation hub. These transport services make Positano a solid base from which to explore the rest of the Amalfi Coast Italy.

Church and Bell Tower of Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta | Amalfi Coast Italy
Church and Bell Tower

Our article on things to do in Positano Italy includes recommendations for not-to-miss-experiences as well as must-do day trips to other Amalfi Coast locations. For information on how to get around the Amalfi Coast, the weather, hotels, and restaurants see our Positano Italy Travel Guide.

Evening Gelato Positano Town | Best things to do in Positano Town, Amalfi Coast Travel
Evening Gelato Positano Town
Things to do in Positano Italy At A Glance

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Sunny Positano Town | Things to do in Positano Italy, Amalfi Coast Travel
Sunny Positano Town


Arrive Via the Amalfi Coast Drive

The Amalfi Coast Drive (Costiera Amalfitano SS163) is a gorgeous route that is a bucket-list drive for many travelers. Running between Naples and Salerno for 37 miles (60kms), the highway features towering cliffs, hairpin turns, and panoramic sea views. The entire route is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptional natural scenic value. Make your arrival an event by hiring a car service to transport you from Naples (the nearest airport) to Positano on the SS163 for an unforgettable arrival.

Views on the Amalfi Coast Drive | Things to do in Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy
Views on Amalfi Coast Drive

Bake at a Positano Beach Club

Positano Spiaggia Grande is the town’s largest beach. Sandwiched between Positano Town and the Mediterranean Sea, the 300 meter grey pebble beach has breathtaking views of both. Skip the free patch of beach (no chairs, sun cover, or services), and spend the afternoon lounging at L’Incanto or La Scogliere beach clubs. Both rent sun beds and umbrellas and have changing rooms, showers, bar and restaurant services. L’Incanto is the more affordable. La Scogliere is situated at the end of the beach, and much more exclusive (expensive).

L'Incanto - Positano Beach Club, Amalfi Coast Italy
L'Incanto Beach Club

Eat (or Drink) with a View

Positano is the perfect place to enjoy an aperitivo on a sun-drenched terrace in the fading afternoon light, or dinner in a garden overlooking the twinkling lights of Positano Town. One of Positano’s attributes is its great number of bars and restaurants with a view. For fine-dining and fantastic views try La Sponda Positano, Il Tridente, Il Capitano, and Ristorante Adam and Eve. For everyday dining with extraordinary views try Chez Black Positano, Da Gabrisi, and Lo Guarracino.


Dinner with a View | Best things to do in Positano Italy, Amalfi Coast Travel
Dinner with a View

Hike the Path of the Gods

High above Positano, an ancient mule route runs along the cliffs of the Lattari Mountains. The Path of the Gods (Il Sentiero degli Dei) includes 6-miles of sheer drops, lemon groves, and breathtaking views of the horizon where the sky melds into the sea. From Positano, hikers can take a bus or private car to Bomerano where the hike begins. From the trailhead, the path is mostly downhill to Nocelle (where there is a bus back to Positano). This is a challenging, but remarkable trek for travelers in moderately good shape with no mobility issues or vertigo.


Hiking the Path of the Gods (Il Sentiero degli Dei), Things to do in Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy
Hiking the Path of the Gods

Discover the Amalfi Coast By Boat

Seeing the Amalfi Coast Italy by boat may be more beautiful than viewing it from the roadway. It is certainly more tranquil. The coast is lined with rocky bluffs, hidden beaches, and colorful villages to explore. Visitors have many options for cruising the coast including affordable ferries, group boat tours, and private boat rentals. The kiosks on Marina Grande by the ferry pier in Positano Town make it easy to compare half and full day tours, and trips to attractions like the nearby Emerald Grotto (Grotto dello Smeraldo).


Small Group Boat Rental | Things to do in Positano Italy, Amalfi Coast Travel
Small Group Boat Rental

Positano Shopping

Save your souvenir budget for Positano. The elegant shops of Positano’s wisteria covered lanes are the place to spend your vacation euros. Look for the leather artisans selling handcrafted sandals, belts, and handbags. Or, update your summer wardrobe with a traditional “pezze” beach dress. Finally, don’t go home without buying a few bottles of Limoncello. The citrus drink is a sweet liqueur that is made from huge native Sorrento lemons.


Beach Dresses and Leather Bags | Positano Shopping | Best things to do in Positano Italy
Beach Dresses and Leather Bags

Visit Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

The Moorish tiled dome of Chiesa (Church) di Santa Maria Assunta can be seen from nearly anywhere in Positano Town. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, legend has it that the town owes its name to the Saint. It is said that a Saracen ship, carrying a picture of the Virgin Mary was caught in a storm. A voice instructed the sailors to “pose, pose” (set me down). They set the painting on the nearest beach which was henceforth referred to as “Positano.” Inside the church look for the XIII century Byzantine statue of Mary behind the alter.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta | Things to do in Positano Italy, Amalfi Coast Drive
Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

Day Trip to Amalfi Town & Ravello

Amalfi Town and Ravello are neighboring villages to Positano. Amalfi Town has a large waterfront and the Amalfi Cathedral (Duomo di Sant’Andrea) to explore. In mountaintop Ravello attractions include Villa Rufolo and the Gardens of Villa Cimbrone. The towns can be reached by ferry, bus, and/or private car. Many tour companies bundle visits to these towns into fun day trips.

Ferry to Amalfi Town | Best Things to do in Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy
Ferry to Amalfi Town

Kayak Positano Harbor

Kayaking Positano Harbor is a great way to beat the heat, avoid the beach crowds, and gain some perspective on Positano Town. Out on the cobalt water of the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy a breeze while you paddle around the luxury yachts docked in the harbor. Kayaks can be rented by the hour at Positano Spiaggia Grande Beach.

Ceramics Assunta | Things to do in Positano Italy, Amalfi Coast Travel
Ceramics Assunta

Peruse the Art Galleries & Ceramic Shops

Throughout Positano Town visitors will find a wide array of art galleries featuring paintings, sculptures, glassworks, jewelry, and locally made crafts. The town also has a wonderful obsession with anything ceramic. The ceramic companies Ceramics Assunta, Ceramiche Casola, and The Art of Ceramics have several shops around town displaying their colorful wares. Most shops provide shipping services.

Positano Art Gallery | Things to do in Positano Italy, Amalfi Coast Drive
Positano Art Gallery

Rock Out at Music on the Rocks

Watching the sunset, long dinners, and nighttime walks are all romantic evening activities to enjoy in Positano. But when it’s time to rock out, head to the town’s leading club venue, Music on the Rocks. It’s cliffside location and gorgeous views at the end of Positano Spiaggia Grande Beach make this a fantastic location to drink and dance until dawn.

Evening in Positano | Mediterranean Sea, Amalfi Coast Italy
Evening in Positano

Stay at a Splurge Hotel with a View

There are times to economize and times to spoil yourself. Positano is a splurge travel destination. Our splurge was the Albergo Miramare Positano. The views from our hotel balcony and having breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are unforgettable memories. To us, it was totally worth the expense of staying in the heart of Positano Town. Whether you choose a luxury spa or family run B&B, this is the location to pamper yourself.

Balcony Albergo Miramare Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy
Balcony Albergo Miramare

Godetevi il sole (enjoy the sun), Laura and Randy

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Via Positanesi d'America | Things to do in Positano Italy, Amalfi Coast Travel
Via Positanesi d'America


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