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Dingle Ireland: Dingle Town Walk

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Dingle Waterfront on a Dingle Town Walk, Kerry County Ireland
Dingle Waterfront

Even on a cloudy day, colorful and fun Dingle Town will put a spring in your step. There are so many restaurants, shops, and adventure-based businesses to explore in this authentic fishing port. Our Dingle Ireland - Dingle Town Walk will help you see all the sights.

Dingle Bay and Hillsides | Dingle Town Walking Route, Ireland Travel Guide
Dingle Bay and Hillsides

The town of Dingle is known for its artisan shopping and fresh off-the-boat seafood. Perhaps, though, it is even more famous for its vibrant pub and traditional music scene. Our walk weaves through Dingle Town’s busy streets, waterfront, and historic pubs. Don’t miss Foxy John’s, Dick Mack’s, and all of the other entertainment this County Kerry town has to offer.

Dick Mack's Pub and Brewery | Dingle Pub | Things to do in Dingle Ireland
Dick Mack's Pub and Brewery

Dingle Town, on Ireland’s western shore, is the largest community on the remote Dingle Peninsula. The town often serves as the home base for travelers who come to explore Slea Head Drive on the Wild Atlantic Way.

St. Mary's Church on a Dingle Town Walk in County Kerry on the Dingle Peninsula.
St. Mary's Church

Our Dingle Town walk is a great daytime outing (most of the pubs open by 11 am). However, it is an even better sunset stroll when the lights of the pubs begin to twinkle and the sun dips down over Dingle Bay. Whether day or night, walking is one of the best things to do in Dingle.


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Dingle Woolen on a Dingle Town Walk | Ireland Travel Blog.
Dingle Woolen


  • Dingle Town Walk Details

  • A Word About the Dingle Pubs

  • A Word About Dingle Restaurants

  • Dingle Ireland Map of Walking Route

  • Dingle Town Walking Route

Marina on Dingle Bay on a Dingle Town walking route. Ireland Travel Blog.
Marina on Dingle Bay


Activity: Self-guided Dingle Town free walking tour.

Location: Dingle Town in County Kerry, Ireland.

Walk Length: 2 miles (3.4km) loop.

Duration: Without stopping this walk would take about 45-minutes. Stopping to shop, eat, and have a drink (or two), plan for a 3-hour outing.

Parking: The cost of parking in the Spa Road Car Park is .50 Euro per hour (2023).

Nelligan's Bar Dingle Town | Dingle Town Walking Route, Dingle Ireland
Nelligan's Bar Dingle town


Along the route we will pass many pubs. Some are centuries old; others started out as general stores. We have noted our favorites, and invite you to check them out. In Ireland, pubs are more than spaces to drink. They are gathering places to eat, visit, listen to music, and enjoy free wifi. Children are generally welcome. Eat and drink at the bar if you want to socialize with other patrons. Choose a table if you don’t wish to mix.


Even if you don’t drink, we encourage you to stop at each of the pubs we mention and view the interiors. Let the bouncer and/or hostess know that you are sightseeing (we never had anything but a welcoming reception). Often, there are small stores within the pub to peruse.

Out of the Blue Restaurant. Dingle Waterfront on the Wild Atlantic Way, County Kerry Ireland
Out of the Blue Restaurant


You will find a wide variety of quick bites, casual, and fine dining in Dingle restaurants.


In additions to the Irish ales, whiskeys, and pub food you will have a chance to try Dingle, there are a number of other foods to sample. Dingle restaurants are known for serving locally-made cheeses and ice cream produced from the rare Kerry Cow. Dingle is a seaport and farming community. Fish, lamb, and beef feature prominently on restaurant menus along with homemade bread and seasonal vegetables.



Google Map: Dingle Ireland Map of Walking Route, County Kerry
Google Map: Dingle Ireland Map of Walking Route


 Park in the public lot by Spa Road by Grogan’s Pharmacy. To get your bearings, look for O’Sullivans Courthouse Pub (our last stop of the day). Begin your walk at Doyle’s Seafood. At 4-way intersection, take a right and walk down Main Street until you reach the Dingle Pub.


Our first stop of the day will be the Dingle Pub. The Dingle Pub is a quaint family pub with drinks, food, wifi, sports on large screens, and nightly music.

Dingle Pub on Main Street in Dingle Ireland. Things to do in Dingle Ireland, County Kerry
Dingle Pub

Leaving the Dingle Pub, continue down Main Street until you reach Foxy John’s. The establishment is part hardware store, part bike hire shop, and part pub. The tavern often hosts traditional “trad” music sessions. For the unusual setting, Foxy John’s is a must-see in Dingle.

Foxy John's Bar on the Dingle Peninsula. Things to do in Dingle. Ireland travel guide.
Foxy John's Bar

To continue the tour, take a left onto Green Street. Walk to St. Mary's Church and tour its interior. When you are finished, notice the Fish Box restaurant across the narrow one-way street. The Fish Box is known for its excellent fish n chips.

The Fish Box Restaurant on a Dingle Town Walk. Travel blog article for County Kerry Ireland.
The Fish Box Restaurant

Right next to the Fish Box is Dick Mack’s Brewhouse and Pub. This lively family pub and beer garden is a regional favorite. The pub specializes in beers, whiskeys, and live music. Stop in to see a collection of whiskeys and beers on one side of the bar, and a leather shop on the other.


Further down Green Street you will pass The Bean (coffee shop), and Dingle Crystal before coming to Grey’s Lane. Turn onto Grey’s Lane and walk a bit of the residential street. You will pass a neat row of pastel townhouses facing a high stone wall.

Dingle Crystal and Dingle Candles as seen on a Dingle Town Walk in Dingle Ireland.
Dingle Crystal and Dingle Candles

Return to Green Street and follow narrow lane to the end of the road. You will pass several clothing boutiques, gift shops, and restaurants before reaching a “T” with Holyground and Strand Streets.


Take a right onto Strand Street. Pass Murphy’s Ice Cream (you must sample something cold and creamy here). Continue trekking toward the waterfront. Shop for a bit at Aran Knitwear, then pick up Slea Head Drive (R559). Walk past Murphy’s Pub and the Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours.

Murphy's Ice Cream on a Dingle Town walking route in County Kerry Ireland.
Murphy's Ice Cream

A short distance down the road, make a stop at the Dingle Woolen Company. Then, discover the interior of John Benny’s Pub. John Benny’s has the distinction of being known as an excellent gastro-pub and as an exciting venue for trad music sessions.

John Benny's Pub. Things to do in Dingle on a Dingle Town Walk.
John Benny's Pub

Returning to Slea Head Drive, pass the Out of the Blue restaurant (great take out) and the Boat Yard (great eat-in restaurant). Walk until you reach the Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium with a big penguin on front lawn. Make a note to return here if you experience a rainy day.


Cross the street and walk the Dingle Marina Breakwater (The Marina Centre Dingle). It is the largest of the two quays (wharves) along Dingle Bay. Walk the perimeter of the breakwater to view the surrounding marina, tour boats, fishing trawlers, and the mountains in the distance.

Commercial fishing boats on Dingle Bay. Dingle Town Walk on the Wild Atlantic Way.
Commercial Fishing Boats

The paved walkway will take you to the Eask Tower Viewpoint at the end of the quay. Sit on the bench and survey the commercial boats unloading, and the nearby fish factory.


Walk back to the road, then stroll along the paved walkways along Dingle Bay.  When you reach the Dingle Fishery Harbor Centre (“The Pier”), find the dolphin statue. Fungi was a much beloved dolphin that lived in Dingle Bay for many years. Walk the quay to see the large fishing boats and stunning views of Dingle Town.

Fungi on the Dingle Waterfront. Things to do in Dingle Ireland, County Kerry
Fungi on the Dingle Waterfront

Back on Slea Head Drive, trek toward town until you pass the James Long Gastro Pub and Harrington’s Family Restaurant. At the three-way intersection, cross the street and walk toward the lavender colored Strand House/Aran Knitware building.

James Long Gastro Pub | Ireland Travel Blog in County Kerry on the Dingle Peninsula.
James Long Gastro Pub

Stroll past shops and cafes to the bright green and yellow Paddy Bawn Brosnan’s Pub (you will pass Murphy’s Ice Cream, again). If it is a cold day, Paddy’s has a working fireplace.


From Strand Street, turn onto Holyground, and then Bridge Street. Along this road you will find O Flaherty’s Pub. O’Flaherty’s is another great pub. It has high ceilings and a flagstone floor. There is often music playing in the afternoon as well as the evening.

Paddy Bawn Brosnan Pub on a Dingle Town Walk. Ireland Travel blog.
Paddy Bawn Brosnan Pub

From O’Flaherty’s continue on Bridge Street until you reach Mall Street. Leaving the waterfront, pass the Dingle Atlantic Lodge. Walk until you reach O’Sullivan’s Courthouse Pub. The bright blue pub is known for its epic music sessions.


From O’Sullivan’s it is a short walk back to the car park, and the end of our walking loop. Hope you found plenty to eat, drink, and purchase. Slan Abhaile (safe travels), Laura and Randy

Dingle Bookshop. Things to do in Dingle on a Dingle Town Walk.
Dingle Bookshop

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Docking on Dingle Bay on a Dingle Town walk in Dingle Ireland.
Docking on Dingle Bay


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