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Dingle Ireland Travel Itinerary

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Landscapes of Slea Head Drive | Dingle Ireland Travel itinerary, County Kerry,
Landscapes of Slea Head Drive

Dingle Ireland is celebrated for its amazing mix of rugged landscapes, ancient relics, and working waterfronts. Our Dingle Ireland Travel Itinerary is completed in 3 days and 3 nights. It is designed to help you discover Dingle Town, the Dingle Peninsula, and the wild and wonderful Slea Head Drive.

Walking the Dingle Waterfront | Ireland Travel Itinerary, County Kerry
Dingle Waterfront

Dingle Town is the largest town on the Dingle Peninsula. It is often used as the starting point for the 30-mile Slea Head Drive (part of the Wild Atlantic Way) as well as hikes along the Dingle Way trails. These extraordinary outdoor environments are bursting with beehive huts, open farms, cliffs, and beaches to explore.

Open Farm on the Dingle Peninsula | Slea Head Drive, Ireland Travel
Open Farm on the Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Town is the perfect locale from which to launch your adventure. By day, Dingle’s shops, restaurants, and harbor buzz with activity. From here, travelers can rent equipment or link with guides for biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, sightseeing, and more. By night, the community comes alive with a vibrant music and pub scene.

View of the Three Sisters from Clougher Head | Slea Head Drive | Dingle Ireland Travel Itinerary
View of the Three Sisters from Clougher Head

Use our Dingle itinerary to organize your time. For more information on Dingle Ireland and the Dingle Peninsula, read our Dingle Travel Guide. For detailed suggestions on heritage sites and attractions, see our article on Things to Do in Dingle Ireland.

Ireland Travel Itinerary - Dingle At A Glance | Ireland Travel Blog

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Working Fishing Boat on Dingle Bay | Ireland Travel Itinerary, County Kerry
Working Fishing Boat on Dingle Bay


Rent a Car

Dingle is a remote, rural location. There is some bus service, but most people arrive by personal vehicle or via tour bus/van. Rent a car for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Slea Head Drive

To avoid meeting tour buses head on, it is recommended motorists and bikers motor clockwise around Slea Head Drive.

When to Visit Dingle

Dingle Bay and the Slea Head Drive can become quite crowded in late-June, July, August, and early-September. Avoid visiting at these times if you are able.

Dingle Weather

Expect cool weather (January ave. 46’F; July ave. 59’F) with some sun, clouds, and rain each day.

Beehive Hut | Things to do in Dingle Ireland, Wild Atlantic Way
Beehive Hut


What to pack

Pack sturdy shoes and casual outdoor clothing that is rain/wind proof and quick drying. Bring a hat, sunscreen, fleece, and rain gear.

Stay in Dingle

The Peninsula is about 30-miles long, and Dingle is its largest town. Stay in Dingle Town for quick access to great restaurants, pubs, rental shops, and Dingle Bay.

Chat with the Locals

Dingle is a friendly place. Ask directions or sit at a bar and you are likely to strike up a conversation with a local. It’s an interesting and fun way to learn about the area.

Dingle Town Gift Shops | Dingle Itinerary, UK Travel
Dingle Town Gift Shops


Our 3-day, 3-night Ireland travel itinerary is written for those who have use of a car. However, the itinerary could easily be adapted for bikers or travelers personalizing tours. While using this Dingle itinerary monitor the weather and be flexible about changing plans. Tour Slea Head Drive on a day when the weather is brightest.

Dry Stone Wall Along the Dingle Way | Dingle Itinerary, Wild Atlantic Way
Dry Stone Wall Along the Dingle Way

Arrival Day: Conor Pass or Inch Beach

If at all possible, arrive in Dingle the afternoon before your first full-day of sightseeing. On your drive to Dingle Town, plan a route that takes you past one of two points of interest: Conor Pass or Inch Beach.

If you are driving from Galway, plan a route that includes Conor Pass. The pass is a 9-mile (14km) road that winds through a dramatic notch in the Mountains of the Central Dingle Peninsula. The roadway is the highest paved pass in Ireland. Be aware that in spots the road narrows to one-lane. It can be a challenge to accommodate oncoming traffic.

Atlantic Ocean, Dingle Peninsula, Wild Atlantic Way
Atlantic Ocean

If you are driving from Killarney, plan a route past Inch Beach. The 4-mile blue flag beach is the perfect place to while away an evening enjoying the sun set. The sandy shore is great for walking while you watch the surfers and the sea gulls. There is free parking onsite.

Day 1/Night 2: Slea Head Drive, Dingle Town, Dick Mac’s Pub

Slea Head Drive (Irish: Sli Cheann Sleibhe) is a 30-mile loop that is part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The paved roadway begins and ends in Dingle Town. The route is known the world over for its breathtaking sea- and landscapes.

Slea Head Drive on the Wild Atlantic Way | Dingle Ireland Travel itinerary
Slea Head Drive

There are many attractions, heritage sites, and scenic points of interest along the route including the Famine Cottages and Sheep Dog Trials, Fahan Beehive Huts, Dun Chaoin Pier, the Crucifix, the Gallarus Oratory, and more.

Along the route there are small Gaelic speaking villages with shops and country pubs to visit. Slea Head Drive is a popular route with motor vehicles, bicyclists, motorcycles and tour buses so don’t rush this day. Plan to spend at least 5-6 hours exploring Slea Head’s nooks and crannies.

Heritage Sites on Slea Head Drive | Dingle Itinerary | UK Travel
Heritage Sites on Slea Head Drive

After a rest at your lodging, plan to spend the late afternoon and evening exploring Dingle Town. Wander the many shops of downtown and walk along Dingle Bay. Watch the fishing trawlers unload their catch and the sail boats dock for the evening.

Boats Docked on Dingle Bay | Dingle Ireland Travel Itinerary, County Kerry
Boats Docked on Dingle Bay

Stop for a pre-dinner drink at Foxy John’s, a pub that doubles as a hardware store during the day. Then, have a relaxed dinner. We suggest The Boat House, The Chart House, or for a more informal meal, The Fish Box. Finish your evening reveling in a trad-music session at the lively Dick Mack’s Pub.

Foxy John's Hardware. Bicycles, & Bar | Things to do in Dingle Ireland
Foxy John's Hardware. Bicycles, & Bar

Day 2/Night 3: Water Excursion (Or E-Bike), Coumeenole Beach, Pub Crawl

On Day 2 of your time in Dingle get out on the water. You will get an entirely different perspective of the Dingle Peninsula looking back on it from the sea. In Dingle Town, travelers will find companies offering sailing and whale watching excursions along Dingle Bay. There are also adventure companies offering rental equipment and guided tours for kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, and more.

Dingle Harbor and Downtown | Tips for Visiting Dingle Ireland, UK Travel
Dingle Harbor and Downtown

If you would rather not be out on the water, consider an e-bike tour. Several companies in town offer tours that take patrons on half- and full-day excursions (or longer). Beware: If you are striking out on your own on an e-bike, consult with the rental shop about the safest routes to tackle. Slea Head in high season can be treacherous on a bike.

Fishing Nets on Dingle Bay | Ireland Travel Itinerary, County Kerry
Fishing Nets

In the afternoon, buy picnic supplies and head to Coumeenole Beach. Park, leave the picnic in the vehicle, and take a short hike up a path to Dunmore Head. View the jagged coastline that was used to hide Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing fighter in Star Wars VIII. Then, spend the remainder of the day picnicking on gorgeous Coumeenole Beach with its views of the Blasket Islands.

Coumeenole Beach | Things to do in Dingle Ireland, UK Travel
Coumeenole Beach

This evening, go pub hopping in Dingle. Immerse in the live music, ale, and traditional Irish food. There are many pubs to choose from, we suggest: O Sullivan’s, Kennedy’s, and Neligan’s, and O Flaherty’s.

Departure Day: Conor Pass or Inch Beach

Sleep in and depart for your next destination. On the road out, hit whatever point of interest you missed on the way in (Conor Pass or Inch Beach).

Pasture Land on the Dingle Peninsula | Wild Atlantic Way, County Kerry
Pasture Land on the Dingle Peninsula

Saol fada chugat (Long life to you), Laura and Randy

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Sheep at a Petting Farm | Slea Head Drive | Ireland Travel Itinerary
Sheep at a Petting Farm


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