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Killarney Travel Guide

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Deenagh Lodge Cafe | Killarney National Park | Ireland Travel
Deenagh Lodge Cafe

Killarney, Ireland is a traditional Irish town with painted pastel houses, busy pubs, and bustling lanes. What makes the town so extraordinary is its proximity to the stunning lake and mountain landscapes of Killarney National Park. Our Killarney Travel Guide will acquaint you with the town of Killarney’s weather, the best time to visit, what to pack, and where to stay/eat/drink/shop. The article also includes our favorite things to do in Killarney.

High Street, Killarney Town | Killarney Travel Guide | Ireland travel blog
High Street, Killarney Town

Our number one favorite thing to do in Killarney is exploring the ancient woodlands, heaths, and lakes of Killarney National Park. A close second, is visiting the park’s cultural attractions including Ross Castle, Muckross House, and Muckross Abbey. St. Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney Town is another must-see. Finally, it is important to mention that the town is the traditional starting point of the Ring of Kerry.

Tower | Lord Brandon's Cottage | Killarney Travel  Guide | Ireland
Tower | Lord Brandon's Cottage

With so much to do, it is easy to understand why visitors flock to Killarney. At times, the crowds can feel overwhelming. However, crowd avoidance should not be a reason to stay away. Killarney’s central location makes it a great base for exploring Killarney National Park, the Ring of Kerry, and other Kerry County sights. Use our Killarney guide to plan well, and for suggestions on how to escape the masses.

Boat | Lough Leane | Killarney National Park | Things to Do In Killarney
Boat | Lough Leane
Killarney Travel Guide At A Glance | Ireland Travel

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Traditional Jaunting Car |Killarney National Park | Killarney Ireland
Traditional Jaunting Car


Killarney Town

Killarney, Ireland is a town of around 16,000 residents. The town has been catering to tourists since the early 1700’s when Killarney became popular with painters for its beautiful landscapes and friendly spirit. Over the centuries, the birthplace of Irish tourism has earned the nickname, “the home of the traditional Irish welcome.”

 Pedestrian Only Street, Killarney Town | Killarney Travel Guide
Pedestrian Only Street | Killarney Town

Visitors of Killarney Town gather in the blocks surrounding High, Chapel, New, and Main Streets. In this area there is a high concentration of colorful souvenir shops and pubs giving it a carnival-like feel. There are several pedestrian-only lanes which make meandering fun. The pubs become especially lively at night when music and bright lights wash over the cobblestones.

Methodist Church | Killarney Town | Killarney Travel Guide, Ireland Travel Blog
Methodist Church | Killarney Town

The outskirts of Killarney are densely developed and heavily trafficked. Route N71 leading in and out of town is lined with hotels, pubs, cycling shops, convenience stores, liquor outlets, and tour operators. In summer, and during holidays and festivals, the region becomes even more crowded. On our last trip there was a motorcycle festival in town. Campers and tents popped up on every spare inch of grass along N71.

Ireland Bike Fest, Kerry County | Things to do in Killarney, Ireland
Ireland Bike Fest, Kerry County

Killarney National Park

Bordering Killarney Town is the magnificent Killarney National Park. The vivid blues and intense greens of the park’s hillsides and horizons are more stunning in person than any picture could portray. The 26,000-acre UNESCO Biosphere Reserve encompasses some of the tallest peaks in Ireland as well as the glacial Lakes of Killarney (Lough Leane, Muckross Lake, and Upper Lake).

The Lakes of Killarney | Killarney National Park | Killarney Guide, Ireland
The Lakes of Killarney

A great feature of Killarney National Park is the accessibility of the outdoor. If you are traveling with children or seniors, you will enjoy a system of well-maintained paths through the park’s attractions. If you are a hardcore adventurer there are miles of backcountry trails to explore. If you are something in between, just a short distance from the park’s main attractions the crowds fall away and you seem to have the woods to yourself.

In addition to outdoor activities, Killarney National Park offers many must-see cultural attractions such as Ross Castle, Muckross House and Gardens, Muckross Abbey, and the town's famous jaunting cars (pony pulled carts).

Gap of Dunloe | UNESCO Biosphere Reserve |Killarney Travel Guide, Ireland
Gap of Dunloe

The Ring of Kerry

Killarney is a stop on the Ring of Kerry drive, and is known as its traditional starting point. The “Ring” is a 111-mile scenic route that follows the coastline of the Iveragh Peninsula. The drive takes in miles of breathtaking cliffs, white sand beaches, forts, and charming seaside villages.

Ring of Kerry Landscape | Killarney Itinerary | Things to Do in Killarney
Ring of Kerry Landscape

Since the route is circular, many people use Killarney as a base of travel. In Killarney, folks take advantage of the town’s many lodging and restaurant choices. It is common for travelers to spend a day or two exploring Killarney attractions, and then to drive the rest of the Ring of Kerry.

Kenmare Village | Ring of Kerry | Kerry County | Ireland Travel Blog
Kenmare Village | Ring of Kerry


Killarney is in southwest Ireland’s Kerry County (bordering Cork and Limerick). The town abuts the Killarney National Park which encompasses three lakes and miles of rivers, rolling hills, and mountains. Killarney is about 19-miles (30km) from the Irish coast.

Dinis Cottage | Killarney National Park | Killarney Guide, Ireland
Dinis Cottage

You can travel to Killarney by:

Rail: Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) provides intercity rail passenger service to Killarney. The Killarney Rail Station is about a 3-minute drive (17-minute walk) from the center of Killarney.

Bus: Bus Eireann (Irish National bus service) provides transport services the town of Killarney. The Killarney Bus Station is about a 3-minute drive (17-minute walk) from the center of Killarney.

Plane: Airports closest to Killarney include Kerry (9-miles), Cork (46-miles), Shannon (52-miles), and Dublin (314-miles). The best flight will depend on from where you depart.

Car: (RECOMMENDED) For most visitors a car rental is the most efficient means of navigating the area. Traveling to Killarney via train or bus can involve multiple connections. In Killarney, and the surrounding area, public transport is sparce and the sights are spread out. To fully enjoy the area, we suggest renting a car (or book guided tours). Parking in Killarney Town is sparse, most attractions outside of town have adequate parking.

Gap of Dunloe Tours | Killarney Travel Guide | Ireland Travel Blog
Gap of Dunloe Tours

Driving in Killarney: In Ireland the roads are narrower than in the US, and drivers sit on the right side. TIP: If you want an automatic vehicle, make sure to reserve well in advance (standards are most common). Also, book a smaller car (road width and parking spaces are smaller).

Randy at Ross Castle |Things to do in Killarney | Ireland Travel Blog
Randy at Ross Castle


Ireland has a warm and temperate climate that is influenced by the Atlantic Gulf Stream. Temperatures are stable throughout the year fluctuating between 46-61’ F. The island’s frequent rain and humidity leads to the lush green vegetation for which Ireland is famous.

  • Summer: End of June to September

  • Hottest and Coldest Month: July (61’F); January (45’F)

  • Wettest Month: October (133mm, or 5 inches, of rain)

  • Most Daily Sunshine: June (7-hours)

Killarney Countryside | Killarney National Park | Killarney Guide
Killarney Countryside


Early and late summer are the best time of year to visit Killarney. The region becomes quite crowded during the months of July and August when the temperatures are warmest and most Europeans are on vacation. We think the ideal time to visit is in May and early-June when the days are warming, flowers are blooming, the rain is abating, and the crowds have not swelled. Second runner up: September.

Jaunting Car Pony | Killarney Travel Guide | Ireland Travel Blog post
Jaunting Car Pony


In Killarney we spent a lot of time outdoors, and ate most meals in pubs or small family restaurants. When outside, the weather changed frequently. On multiple outings we experience rain, wind, sunshine, and clouds. I recommend packing:

  • For Day: Hiking sneakers if you are hiking/biking. Travel shoes with good soles for other outings. (There are lots of cobblestones so no spikey shoes.) Short sleeve shirts with a light sweatshirt/fleece and a good rain/wind jacket with hood to layer. Hat and sunscreen.

  • For Night: Casual dinner clothing with lightweight jacket or fleece. Flat shoes (cobblestones!).

Muckross House and Gardens | Killarney National Park | Killarney Itinerary
Muckross House and Gardens


Our recommended strategies to beat the crowds include:

  1. Check the calendar for holidays and festivals before you book. There are many in Killarney. A festival can pull in thousands of extra visitors. Depending on the holiday, attendees can influence the atmosphere of the town and make parking, shopping, or getting a dinner reservation much more difficult.

  2. Book accommodations just outside of Killarney Town.

  3. Visit attractions at opening time, or two-hours before closing.

  4. Focus your activities on things to do in the Killarney National Park.

  5. Avoid driving a vehicle into Killarney Town during the afternoon and early evening.

  6. Visit in the months between September and May.

Exploring by Rosie's Beach | Killarney National Park | Ireland Travel Blog Post
Exploring by Rosie's Beach


In Killarney you will find a wide range of accommodations ranging from luxury hotels to family run B&Bs. Competition for guests is fierce and standards (cleanliness, comfort, and safety) are generally high. Large resort-type hotels are apt to offer the most amenities (pool, restaurant, bar, workout room, game room, etc.). Smaller lodges and B&Bs will usually offer a private bath, free breakfast, and parking.

In high-season expect to pay in the range of: Budget lodging ($100-150 Euro), Moderate priced ($150 -275 Euro), Luxury ($275 Euro and up). Accommodations outside of high season (June – September) should be less.

The Killarney Park Hotel | Killarney Hotels | Killarney Itinerary
The Killarney Park Hotel


Stay in Killarney Town if you don’t have a car or if you like a lively atmosphere. In town, you can walk to most services (restaurants, pubs, shopping, and tour operators). Staying in town also allows you to walk home after an evening of pub hopping. Book accommodations outside of town if you have a car and prefer a more low-key environment. Just a few kilometers outside of town the woods and farmland close in and the surroundings become much more rural and serene.

Muckross Abbey Ruins | Killarney National Park | Ireland Travel Blog Post
Muckross Abbey Ruins

Lodging Recommendation: To have easy access to park attractions, and stay in a wooded area; book accommodations along Route N71 between the Flesk River and Torc Waterfall. In this area you will find beautiful lodging such as The Lake Hotel, Muckross Park Hotel and Spa, and Friars Glen Country House. Or, if you don’t mind driving, book a hotel in the quieter nearby town of Kenmare (also a stop on the Ring of Kerry).

Breakfast Room | Friar's Glen Country House } Where to stay in Killarney | Ireland Travel
Breakfast Room | Friar's Glen Country House


Killarney Town has some restaurants featuring international cuisine (French, Asian, and Indian), but gastropubs are its bread and butter (traditional and upmarket). Menu favorites include fresh seafood, Irish Stew, Shepards Pie, brown bead, and Boxty Potato Pancakes.

Eating Out in Killarney Pubs and Restaurants | Ireland Travel Blog Post
Eating Out in Killarney

In Killarney we found we did not want to 'dress up' after a day of hiking or biking. Instead, we preferred the inviting atmosphere of a pub offering home-style food and traditional music. What follows is a list of some well-established Killarney pubs and restaurants:

  • Courtney’s Bar: (Opened 1800s) Traditional pub. Wood interior. Live music.

  • John M Reidy: (Opened 1800s) Friendly staff. Attractive interior. Live music.

  • Murphy’s Bar: Traditional pub with upstairs restaurant. Live music

  • O’Connor’s Traditional Pub: Friendly pub with loft-styled restaurant. Live music.

  • The Laurels: Family-owned pub. Adjacent restaurant. Live music nights.

  • Tatler Jack: Long narrow pub. Jersey lined walls. Serves food. Live music.

The Laurels | Killarney Pubs and Restaurants | Killarney Itinerary
The Laurels


  1. Take a walking or cycling tour through the Gap of Dunloe.

  2. Explore the attractions of Killarney National Park: Ross Castle, Muckross House and Gardens, Muckross Abbey, and Torc Waterfall.

  3. Tour the Ring of Kerry.

  4. Cruise or kayak the Lakes of Killarney (Lough Leane, Muckross Lake, and Upper Lake).

  5. Visit St. Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney Town.

  6. Go pub hopping or shop hopping in Killarney Town.

  7. Cycle or walk the paths of Killarney National Park.

  8. Boat to Innisfallen Island to view the ruins of an ancient monastery.

  9. Watch a sheep dog demonstration.

  10. Take a jaunting car ride (pony pulled cart).

  11. Explore the village of Kenmare.

  12. Do a guided climb of Mt. Carrauntoohill (Ireland’s highest mountain).

  13. Go trail riding on horse back through Killarney National Park.

  14. Take a road trip to Ladies' View & Moll’s Gap scenic vistas.

  15. Enjoy a whiskey tasting at Killarney’s Irish Whiskey Experience.

Cottage | Gap of Dunloe Road | Killarney Itinerary | Ireland Travel
Cottage | Gap of Dunloe Road

Slán go fóill (Bye for now), Laura and Randy

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Coffee Pot Cafe | Killarney Ireland | Killarney Itinerary
Coffee Pot Cafe | Killarney


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