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Amalfi Italy One Day Walk

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Amalfi Italy on the Mediterranean Sea, Amalfi Coast Italy
Amalfi Italy on the Mediterranean Sea

Amalfi is a southern Italian town kissed by the sun and caressed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Located on the famed Amalfi Coast, the town gives its name to the region. Our Amalfi Italy One Day Walk takes in all the best things to do in Amalfi Town. Visit the Amalfi Cathedral, Cloister of Paradise, Emerald Grotto, and more.

Amalfi Cathedral on an Amalfi Italy One Day Walk
Amalfi Cathedral

Once a powerful maritime republic, Amalfi’s history is closely tied to the sea. Our walk begins in the historic waterfront. From here, the route proceeds to Amalfi Cathedral. Next, we trek thru a maze of narrow alleys to a paper museum. After a visit to the neighboring village of Atrani, the walk concludes at Marina Grande beach or with a boat trip to the Emerald Grotto.

Or, try one of these boat tours that leave from Amalfi Town:

Amalfi Town Harbor | Best things to do in Amalfi Italy
Amalfi Town Harbor

Much of Amalfi’s charm lies in what it is not. It is not a destination like Florence, Pisa, or Pompeii where you will be awed by the quality of the museums and artifacts. Amalfi is a breezy Mediterranean town with a charming beach vibe. It is best enjoyed at a slow amble with frequent stops to shop, for refreshment, and to enjoy the astonishing views.

Amalfi Marina Grande Beach on an Amalfi Italy Walking Route
Amalfi Marina Grande Beach


Distance: 2 miles (3.3kms)

Time to Complete: 3-4 hours with stops for sightseeing, shopping, and a meal.

Terrain: Amalfi Town is flatter than some other Amalfi Coast towns with less stairs.

Overlooking Piazza Duomo | Things to do in Amalfi Town, Amalfi Coast Drive
Overlooking Piazza Duomo
Amalfi Italy One Day Walk At A Glance

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Villas on the Hillside, Amalfi Italy Walk, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Villas on the Hillside


Amalfi Town is located mid-way along the famed Amalfi Coast Drive in Italy’s Campania region. The drive has been designated at a UNESCO World Heritage site for its exceptional scenic value. To reach Amalfi Coast Drive, visitors usually fly into Naples, and then use a combination of train, bus, and/or private car services to reach Amalfi Town. Also, in good weather, ferries run from Naples, Sorrento, and Salerno to Amalfi’s ferry port.

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Sirena Bar & Bistro | Things to do in Amalfi Italy on the Amalfi Coast
Sirena Bar & Bistro


Time of Day: Amalfi Town becomes very crowded between 11am and 4pm in most months of the year. Try to complete the walk during the morning between 9-11:30 or the late afternoon between 4-7pm.


Time of Year: The months of April, May, June, September, and October are great months to visit. July and August are the hottest and most crowded months to tour Amalfi. In the winter, many businesses are closed.

With the Amalfi Coast crowds, traffic, limited parking, and time constranints, some travelers do well bundling tours to Amalif town with visits to Positano, Ravello, and other Amalfi Coast destinations. Here are a few:

Amalfi Town in Mid-Day | Amalfi Italy Walk on the Amalfi Coast Drive
Amalfi Town in Mid-Day


1.    Explore Amalfi’s waterfront and historic maritime museum.

2.    See the Fountain of St. Andrew in the Piazza Duomo.

3.    Tour the Amalfi Cathedral.

4.    View the Cloister of Paradise garden and museum exhibits.

5.    Visit a 13th century paper mill that is now a museum.

6.    Take a cooking class to learn more about local cuisine and culture.

7.    Shop for local products (Limoncello, ceramics, paper, and leather goods).

8.    Discover the charming fishing village of Atrani.

9.    Take a boat tour to the Emerald Grotto.

10. Sunbath on Amalfi’s Marina Grande beach. 

Ferry Passengers Walk to Town | Amalfi Italy One Day Walk
Ferry Passengers Walk to Town


A large part of the fun in walking around Amalfi will be discovering the hidden alleys and piazzas. Consult the map for a general outline of the route. We have placed addresses for physical locations, so if you get lost you can google your next destination.

Descending the Duomo Steps | Best things to do in Amalfi Italy
Descending the Duomo Steps


Location: 84011 Amalfi, SA, Italy

Begin your walk on the Amalfi waterfront. Amalfi was once one of Italy’s four great Maritime Republics. In medieval times, the city possessed a powerful fleet of ships that dominated the Mediterranean trade routes. The waterfront is flanked by the ruins of city walls and watchtowers.

Amalfi Waterfront on an Amalfi Italy Walking Route
Amalfi Waterfront

Walk the two massive piers for outstanding views of town. Then, make your way to the Porta della Marina building (diagonal from the Flavio Gioia statue). Here, you will find the Museo Arsenale di Amalfi (Maritime Museum of Amalfi). At the small, but impressive museum, look for the vaulted stone chambers where ships were once built. See a book containing the first international maritime code, and antique nautical instruments.

Exiting the museum, leave the waterfront and walk (1 minute) toward town.

Flavio Gioia Statue on an Amalfi Italy One Day Walk
Flavio Gioia Statue


Location: Piazza Duomo, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy

Piazza Duomo is Amalfi Town’s main square where the waterfront, duomo, and commercial areas intersect. The entry to the imposing Amalfi Cathedral is the square’s main focal point. Another highlight is the distinctive Fountain of Saint Andrew. The piazza is lined with colorful souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants. One of Amalfi Town’s main roads, Via Lorenzo, shoots off the square.

Piazza Duomo | Amalfi Italy Travel Guide
Piazza Duomo


Location: Piazza Duomo, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy

Before you leave the piazza, wander over to the Fountain of Saint Andrew. Built in 1760 AD, the fountain is dedicated to Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Amalfi. The stone sculpture depicts Saint Andrew, sea nymphs, and cupids celebrating Amalfi’s ties to the sea. The fountain’s water is said to be drinkable.


From the fountain, make your way up the steps of the Amalfi Cathedral.

Fountain of Saint Andrew | Amalfi Italy Itinerary
Fountain of Saint Andrew


Location: Piazza Duomo, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy

The Cathedral of Saint Andrew (aka Amalfi Cathedral or Duomo di Sant’Andrea) is reached by climbing a set of 62 steps off of Piazza Duomo. Built to house relics of Saint Andrew the Apostle, construction of the cathedral began in the 9th century. Today, the church is a combination of many architectural styles (Italian, Byzantine, Arabic, Syrian), reflective of Amalfi’s multi-cultural maritime influences.


Admission to the Duomo is free. When you have viewed the Duomo, pay the small admission fee to tour the Cloister of Paradise.

Interior - Amalfi Cathedral | Amalfi Italy Guide, Things to do in Amalfi Town
Interior - Amalfi Cathedral


Location: Piazza Duomo, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy

Next to the Duomo, the Cloister of Paradise (Cloister del Paradiso) is a Moorish-styled garden framed by elegant white columns. The loggia was originally built to house the tombs of Amalfi Town’s noblemen. Attached to the garden are a series of courtyards and museum rooms that display ancient frescoes, sarcophagi, statues, religious relics, and artifacts. This little museum is well-worth the admission price.

Amalfi Cloister of Paradise | Things to do in Amalfi Town, Italy
Amalfi Cloister of Paradise


From the Cloisters take Via Lorenzo and Via Peitro Capuano to the Piazza della Spirito Santo. Then, find Via delle Cartiere and the paper museum.


Along the way, browse the traditional shops of Via Lorenzo. The further from Piazza Duomo you wander, the fewer souvenir shops you will encounter. Wander off of the main avenues to explore the maze of alleys and passageways in the blocks behind the Duomo. The chaotic streetscape was planned this way to confuse raiding pirates during attacks. As you meander, enjoy the pretty balconies, staircases, fruit stands, cafes, and courtyards.

Hidden Alleys of Amalfi Town, Amalfi Italy Travel Guide
Hidden Alleys of Amalfi Town


Location: Via delle Cartiere, 23, 84011 Amalfi, Italy

The art of paper-making is an integral part of Amalfi Town’s history and culture. The Paper Mill Museum (Museo della Carta) tells the story of the process of making hand-crafted paper (bambaina) with exhibits of machinery and tools dating back to the 13th century.

From the paper mill, retrace your steps along Via Pietro Capuano and Lorenzo until you reach Piazza Duomo. Then walk to the waterfront until you reach Amalfi Coast Drive.


Shopping in Amalfi Town | Amalfi Italy Itinerary
Shopping in Amalfi Town


Location: Amalfi Coast Drive (ss 163)

On Amalfi Coast Drive walk to the Flavio Gioia Statue. Then, follow Amalfi Coast Drive to the Gran Caffe.


Slow down, and enjoy this beautiful stretch of Amalfi Town. Amongst the souvenir shops, look for stores selling local products. Lemon based products like Limoncello are huge in this area. Also, look for hand-make leather products, papers, and ceramics.

Lemons and Limoncello | Amalfi Italy Walk and Guide
Lemons and Limoncello

 Walk the stretch twice; once to explore the shops, cafes, and gelato shops lining the road, and once to admire the ocean. On the sea side of the street check out the beach clubs, sunbathers, and views of the Mediterranean Sea. Stop for lunch under an umbrella overlooking the marina.


Waterfront Dining | Best things to do in Amalfi Italy | Amalfi Italy Itinerary
Waterfront Dining

When you reach the wonderful mural on the Gran Caffe, turn onto the road at the end of the building and make your way to the Dejavu Café. Here, look for the entrance to the pedestrian tunnel that goes to the village of Atrani. At the end of the tunnel, you will do the last bit of the walk by taking the public walkway through Ristorante Da Zaccaria (it looks like you are cutting through the restaurant, but it is a public way).

Gran Cafe Mural on an Amalfi Italy Walk | Things to do in Amalfi Town
Gran Caffe Mural


Even on the most crowded afternoon in Atrani, the village seems tranquil when compared to Almafi Town. This picturesque community has stunning coastal views and a classic Mediterranean air. Wander Atrani’s churches, alleys, and shops. Then, walk the Spiaggia di Atrani (Atrani Beach) for a photo shoot of the gorgeous setting.


When your camera battery is running low, retrace your steps to Amalfi Town where the walk concludes.


Heading to Atrani | Amalfi Italy Walk and Itinerary
Heading to Atrani


Spend the remainder of the day on Amalfi’s Marina Grande Beach. Rent a sun bed and dip your feet in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Or, book a boat tour for the Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo). The cave, not far down the coast, is filled with turquoise seawater that when hit by the light, results in a striking emerald color.

Boat Tour of the Amalfi Coast | Best things to do in Amalfi Italy
Boat Tour

Saluti da Amalfi Citta (Cheers from Amalfi Town), Laura and Randy

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Ristorante La Piazzetta on a Amalfi Italy Walking Route
Ristorante La Piazzetta


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